Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset Review

tl;dr: There are inexpensive and really nice.  Get a pair for yourself. 

From time to time I have been known to play an online video game or two.  I decided it was time for a proper VoIP headset for gaming and making Skype calls.  I was looking for something that had long term wearability, complete ear coverage, inline volume and mute buttons, and an adjustable mic.  It turns out you can spend a lot of money on a headset if you want to.  That’s not really my style for a first time purchase so I set out to find a reasonably priced model that met all my criteria.  A few weeks earlier at work we purchased a Microsoft LifeChat headset for a project we were working on.  We kind of happened into it since we were in a hurry to get a headset and that was the best looking option staples had on the shelf.  I checked with my friend who was using it and she was pleased so I did a little more research.  The Amazon reviews were acceptable but not outstanding, newegg’s reviews were a little better.  Since the price was about 1/3 of other available headsets I decided to take the plunge.  Here is a picture of the whole setup. 



I give these 4/5.  I have worn them for up to several hours only having discomfort one time I can remember. 

Ear Coverage

I think 5/5 here.  They cover the whole ear and block out outside noise well, but not to the point I can’t hear important things going on around me.

Inline Buttons

3/5.  All the required buttons are present and work out of the box.  The mute button (#1) works great.  The volume buttons (#2) are a little slow to react, but I find that common on USB keyboard volume buttons as well.  Then there is the live call button.  It starts an app on the computer when you press it.  I would be happier if they had left this off.  As a bonus feature, there is a mute indicator light (#3) that turns on when the mute is pressed.


Adjustable Mic

5/5.  Works well and you can move it out of the way when you just want to use the headphones. 


I have been really happy with these since they arrived.  They were no trouble to setup and have been very reliable.  Since this is my first set of USB headphones I was not sure if there would be any issues switching between them and the normal speakers on the computer.  This has proven to be seamless.  I would certainly recommend these to a friend.